Doktor Design Brothers


Doktor Design creates and maintains brands with the use of design. It is the product of two minds; strategy and creativity, which we blend together perfectly into what we call art. We help businesses find and satisfy an audience in order to create a successful relationship between both parties; the business and the consumers.


Ethics Code

As upcoming professionals in the advertising field, it is our duty to follow all regulations and principles that have been set by not only by our clients, or the American Advertising Federation, but to follow our own ethical code as we progress.


We must stay aware of the influence and reach of our work, and be able to decide between what is right and wrong in the work that we do. we must be aware of what is appropriate for our intended target audience. we also must be willing to speak up against any work or behavior that we feel is unethical, and will not do anything that will put us or others in a morally compromising situation.

Imgres 2 Copy 2

Account Management

Hello all! I am the strategy side of this art. I am studying Account Management at the great Iowa State University. I'm known as a bit of a talker as I love the use of language in any form. I love working, and I appreciate all the small background details of every project. I spend my time listening to music, socializing with friends and strangers, and finding new ways to improve myself always! I also have a huge passion for camerawork, including photography and videography as it is a huge stress relief for me. I am an assistant manager at HyVee and have been in management positions since 16, but I like to take my management experience and use it in developing Doktor Design.

Damon Rudolph

Graphic Designer

Come one, come all, fellow nerds, geeks and other common folk, let's step into the world of my creative mind. Actually it's just a website, we don't need to get to personal here. Anyways...hello everyone my name is Damon Rudolph and this is the Doktor Design website. Growing up in small town of Atlantic, Iowa. I became your everyday typical nerd, spending my free time glued to my gaming system or sketching out any idea that came to my mind. However this later developed into what you see now, it led me to move to Omaha, Nebraska and attend "The Creative Center." Now I am a professional Graphic Designer and together with my brother Dustin we created Doktor Design.